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boocharati® is kombucha in powder form long-time brewed from organic green tea.

​boocharati® Kombucha Powder

​Discover a new way of booching.

Boocharati Logo in front of a hand holding a tea leaf.
A twig of rosemary floating in a chilled beverage.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweetened tea and lots of friendly bacteria and yeast.

Yeast& Bacteria

The yeast& bacteria work together to ferment the sugar in the tea and turns it into a tangy and effervescent drink.


The water is used to dilute the tea and create the right environment for the yeast(SCOBY) to ferment.


The tea provides a source of caffeine and antioxidants.


The sugar is added to feed the SCOBY and kickstart the fermentation process.

Kombucha is a refreshing and healthy drink that offers a range of potential health benefits, including improved gut health, immune function, and mental clarity.

​Tea + Water + Sugar + Bacteria & Yeast

= Naturally Fermented Goodness

Introducing boocharati®...

The hassle-free way to craft your own delicious kombucha.

Simply put, boocharati® is our way of infusing the wellness-promoting nutrition properties of kombucha into various formulas & dosage forms. No added chemicals or preservatives which nature didn’t put there, just the humble green tea flavor with a hint of sourness.

Wooden spoon filled with boocharati kombucha powder.
Two glasses and a bottle of a tea drink on a wooden cutting board, surrounded by ginger, rosemary and lemon.

boocharati® is kombucha in powder form:

The perfect building blocks for custom gut health concepts, formulations, and delivery formats.

6 Months Natural Brewing

Made from organic green tea naturally brewed over 6 months

2 Grades For Different Applications

Spray-dried or freeze-dried, both grades retain kombucha’s original taste

High Consistency

Delivering consistency and low pH with tasty organic acids

Chemicals Free and Halal Certified

No added chemicals or artificial flavors. Halal certified making it appropriate for Halal dieters

Lovable Taste Profiles with Boochara-TEA!

"The Classic"

Original Kombucha, boocharati® Kombucha Powder, Green Tea Powder, Monk Fruit Extract

"Antioxidant Powerhouse"

boocharati® Kombucha Powder, Green Tea Powder, Grape Extract with Resveratrol, Monk Fruit Extract

"Garden of Flavour"

Elderberry Extract, Vitamin C, Monk Fruit Extract, boocharati® Kombucha Powder

"Culturing Microbiome Health"

Probiotics of choice, Ginger Juice Powder, boocharati® Kombucha Powder

Flatlay of lemons, oranges and kumquats on table and wooden cutting board.

Kombucha Meets Unexpected Formats

In the form of powder, kombucha makes for a variety of gut health solutions spanning both functional drinks & dietary supplements. With Boocharati, it’s time to re-imagine the way you consume the booch.

Measuring spoon scooping up kombucha powder.


​Sachet & ​Stick Packs
Effervescent Tablet

How to Create Your Kombucha Powder Brand

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Formula Design

Step 1

Sample Making

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4

Package Design

Step 5

QC& Shipment

Step 7

Tea drink in a glass in front of a cut lime

Kombucha As a Probiotic
Immune System Booster

Much like the live probiotics in yogurt, sauerkraut, or kimchi, the gutfriendly
bacteria thrive in kombucha are precisely why many people
drink it on a regular basis.

As consumers are seeking immunity-boosting ingredients in their food
and beverage products, the distinction between supplements and
functional foods is becoming blurred.

When customers reach for a dietary supplement, they expect something
pleasant-tasting, easy to consume whilst delivering the desired
benefits. As such, delivery formats need to be flexible and hassle-free
so that consumers can easily add to daily diets in the long term.

Make it easy for your consumers to incorporate gut health benefits into everyday diet.

Long-time brewed in a traditional way then spray-dried, boocharati® enriches market options by transforming kombucha into the versatile powder form. Brewing ideas into reality, together let’s co-brand and ideate kombucha products they will crave!
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